Sling SEO Moving In New Direction

Hi Everyone! So in this post I am not going to be talking about SEO tactics or techniques.  Instead I’ll be discussing the new direction Sling SEO is moving towards. Over the last 9 months I’ve accomplished some things I am very proud of, including creating this blog, reaching over 1,000 unique monthly visitors, and […]

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State of SEO – Spring 2014 Update

In this video I discuss the state of SEO for Spring 2014.   The onsite SEO guidelines I mentioned are below. Onsite SEO Guidelines: Put your keyword in the Title tag, and surround it with long-tail terms or branded text.  Also put it in your URL, so .com/keyword.  Last, make sure your keyword density is […]

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More Business – Less SEO

How Businesses Can Compliment Their SEO Efforts – Without Doing More SEO As an SEO expert, I sometimes forget that Google rankings and organic traffic are nothing but tools to drive leads and prospects.  To highlight the importance of looking beyond SEO and seeing marketing as a larger funnel, today’s post is dedicated to introducing […]

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