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Did you know marketing executives consistently rate SEO as providing the best ROI relative to all other forms of online marketing (study, study).

Most business owners know they would benefit from being #1 on Google, but have been burned in the past and don’t trust SEO companies.  And I can’t blame them; for every legitimate SEO company there are 9 impostors using outdated techniques that don’t get results.

At Sling SEO, I practice what I preach.  I rank at the top of Google for the keywords I believe will bring me the type of prospects I want to work with.  And I want to help you do the same.

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Fire Your SEO Agency & Dominate Google

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Before you call me crazy for thinking you can fire your SEO agency and dominate Google, let’s acknowledge a few basic truths about organic search engine traffic. Your prospects are using search engines to find information about your products and services every day. SEO agencies exist to help you get high rankings on search engines, capture these prospects, and generate revenue. Relevant, high power links that point to your website have a larger impact on your Google rankings than anything else (this is indisputable, if you don’t agree please...

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Are You Making These 9 SEO Mistakes?

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Ask 10 SEO professionals about the right way to do SEO and you’re likely to get 10 different responses.  In what is the most fluid and intensely debated form of online marketing, focusing on the fundamentals without getting distracted by shiny objects can mean the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one. The following post outlines 9 mistakes you should avoid if you want to rank at the top of today’s search engines (Google in particular).  These are based on the fundamental aspects of what search engines are...

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State of SEO – Spring 2014 Update

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In this video I discuss the state of SEO for Spring 2014.   The onsite SEO guidelines I mentioned are below. Onsite SEO Guidelines: Put your keyword in the Title tag, and surround it with long-tail terms or branded text.  Also put it in your URL, so .com/keyword.  Last, make sure your keyword density is lower than 1.5% (I prefer 1%).  I use the SEO Quake browser extension to analyze keyword ratios, as it includes Title and Meta-Description tags in its calculations, which are...

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More Business – Less SEO

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How Businesses Can Compliment Their SEO Efforts – Without Doing More SEO As an SEO expert, I sometimes forget that Google rankings and organic traffic are nothing but tools to drive leads and prospects.  To highlight the importance of looking beyond SEO and seeing marketing as a larger funnel, today’s post is dedicated to introducing you to alternative methods you can use to boost the effectiveness of your SEO campaign without doing more SEO. #1 – Put a Facebook Like Button On Your Site You see that “Like” button...

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SPAM Anyone?

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This is going to be a short post because the video pretty much says it all.  The 3 links I mentioned are below. #3 in Google for Viagra Here’s their aHrefs backlink report Here’s their Majestic SEO backlink report (**historic Trust Flow = 76!!) Takeaways: build high metric links without going overboard on anchors and you can rank for anything.  Might not happen overnight, but the fact that they achieved this without any onsite SEO whatsoever is amazing (or depressing if you’re Google : ) **UPDATE** I was made aware of some...

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Longtail Traffic & Avoiding Over-Optimization

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Today we’ll be talking about on-page SEO and how to avoid getting penalized for over-optimizing your on-page efforts. Most SEOs know long-tail traffic makes up a huge % of your organic search traffic (over 80% in most cases).  The question is how to capture long-tail traffic effectively. First, add more content.  More content = more words for Google to rank you for.  Second, optimize your pages for long-tail traffic. How to Capture Long-tail Traffic Best way to capture long-tail is to put long-tail type keywords in your H2 – H5...

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Are You Leaving $$ On the Table?

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Video Intro – See below as I didn’t realize how long this post would become when I recorded this video. Earlier this month I made the decision to join the  ”Stack That Money” forum; a forum dedicated to affiliates who use paid traffic to make anywhere from 2 figures to 6 figures a month.  Some are super affiliates who have run 7 and 8 figure affiliate campaigns.  I did this purely for the sake of browsing the forums and learning, and it originally had nothing to do with SEO.  What I learned, however, made me realize...

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Onpage SEO – Using Silos

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In this post we talk about on-page SEO and using silos to funnel link juice through your site.   This helps you not only rank your internal pages, but saves money on link building by reducing the amount of links you need to rank pages.  This is true whether you are working with brand new sites or aged PR domains, however it will be more beneficial for sites in the second category. The explanation video: Please note: these are just examples.  The number of potential silos grows exponentially with every page you want to rank.  The takeaway...

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SEO Is Only Half the Battle

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SEO + Conversion Rate Optimization = $$$$$ For those of you who have seen my Twitter profile, I have the above text as my headline.  I do this so people who land on my profile understand I’m not just an SEO guy (there’s millions of us, and it’s difficult to stand out these days). It’s well known that SEOs who know what they’re doing can manipulate Google at will (right now at least).  And when you can consistently achieve high rankings, you can drive traffic.  One of the major problems I see, however, is people...

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Instant Google Rankings

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Instant Google Rankings In this post I explain how I used an aged, high PR domain to get instant rankings for a 6,600/month buyers keyword.  **Since creating this video I’ve seen this site jump to #70 for an 18,100/month highly competitive search term.  This is without me adding any PR links.  In short, I took the domain’s existing link juice and converted it into rankings by doing my onsite SEO properly.  Check out the video then go over the internal linking diagram below. Regarding the internal linking structure I mentioned,...

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